Option 2-A $34 (9 lb Box )

Option 2-A $34 (9 lb Box )

Regular price $34

OPTION 2-A  9 lb. Box $34

** Produce box contents may vary**

Asian Greens Mix (Varies: Napa Cabbage, Tatsoi, Bok Choy), Beets -- Red, Cauliflower -- White, Kale -- Red Russian, Specialty Lettuce Mix (Varies: Boston, Green Leaf, No Name, Red Leaf, Romaine), Mustard -- Florida Broadleaf, Onions -- Multipliers, Radishes -- Purple, Swiss Chard

Local (100-Mile, Central FL Radius), Grown Sustainably to Organic Standards, Field

Approx. 1 lb. of each produce item

    If your Superfood purchase is not picked up within the given allotted pick-up timeframe, please note that we will gladly donate your items to a local Charity and/or Family In Need within YMCA Network (*unless otherwise requested by purchaser). *Note: This purchase would be considered a charitable write-off and we are happy to provide documentation for your records. If you require special pick-up times, please inquire prior to purchase so we can see if we are able to accommodate your needs.